el secreto Secrets

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These adjectives suggest intentionally hidden from watch or understanding. Solution is the most standard: The desk features a mystery compartment. The spies conduct mystery negotiations.

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covert - magic formula or hidden; not overtly practiced or engaged in or demonstrated or avowed; "covert steps because of the CIA"; "covert funding with the rebels"

secretly. This must all be finished in solution. in die geheim سِرّاً тайно em segredo v tajnosti im Geheimen i hemmelighed κρυφάen secreto salaja محرمانه salassa en/dans le mystery בסוד गुप्त रूप से tajno, u tajnosti titokban diam-diam leynilega; á laun, í laumi in segreto 秘密で 비밀리에 slaptai slepenībā secara rahsia in het geheimhemmelig, i det skjulte w tajemnicy په پټه em segredo în key секретно, таино v tajnosti v tajnosti tajno i hemlighet อย่างลับ ๆ gizlice 暗地裡 у секреті خفیہ طور پر bí mật 暗地里

labeled - official classification of information or documents; withheld from normal circulation; "1000s of categorized documents have now been declassified"

Impresionante. Y pensar que Terokk usaba este mismo orbe para entrar en comunión con Anzu. Uno puede convertirse en un buen tejeoscuro con algo como esto.

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Armed with an excellent-go well with with the astonishing capability to shrink in scale but boost in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang ought to embrace his inner hero and support his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, strategy and pull off a heist that should preserve the earth.

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→ kannst du schweigen?; to generate no key of some thing → kein Geheimnis or keinen Hehl aus etw machen; the secret of achievements → das Erfolgsgeheimnis; The check here key of getting a great Trainer → das Geheimnis eines guten Lehrers; I haven't any strategies from you → ich habe keine Geheimnisse vor dir

Furtive suggests the slyness, shiftiness, and evasiveness of the thief: I took a furtive look on the papers over the desk.

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